14 Mar 2015

Eco Tree Hotel @Malacca

Parking is at the back of the hotel. It's free for hotel guests. Had to walk a bit to the front entrance. Maybe a problem for you lazy bum-bums out there. We were quite impressed with the decor when we stepped through the front door. Looking good so far.The reception was at the Mezzanine floor via an escalator. Okay, at least they didn't ask us to wall climb or anything. The lobby look exactly same with the photos they upload to their website. Luxury and clean! 
Eco Tree Hotel的停車場就在酒店的後面,進去的時候告訴security guard說你們是要來check -in 的,就可以順利進去啦(Eco Tree 的住客是不用給停車費的,check in 之後receptionist 會一張voucher,只要放在車子裡面,就可以隨意進出了)停車場的缺點就是離大門口太遠啦!而且有沒有捷徑,下午還要頭頂著大太陽走到前面去。不過,一進到門口的時候總沒有讓人失望,實況和Eco Tree Hotel裏頭的照片根本就是一模一樣的~Lobby就在二樓 (M Floor),搭手扶梯(沒要我們爬上去就很好了)一上到去就可以看到reception在你的右前方 。

Been there last March 14. This is my first time to stay here at room 314, thankiew to Reservation Exet WeiWei, she know 314 is my anniversary and arrange this special no room to us. Away from your smartphone when u gonna take the lift and scan with your card. Looks and feels like a LUXURIOUS HOTEL (or rather, a hotel under the well established brands like Hilton and Shang) but price is quite reasonable, only RM198 for Executive King room, breakfast is included.
3月14號是我一次來到這間酒店,房間也剛好是314,這要謝謝 Reservation Exet WeiWei,知道這一天是我們的一週年紀念日而特別替我們安排的特別號碼。搭電梯的時候記得要將手機遠離scanner,因為手機的電破會干擾到 scanner, 結果我們在電梯裏一直 scan 不到,一直上不去。房間的裝潢很奢華,感覺和希爾頓酒店等等沒有太大的差別,不過,這裏的價錢可是很合理的!Executive Deluxe King只要 RM198,而且還包括兩個人的早餐喔

The room was really nice with comfort bed. Room was tip top terms of cleanlines what I can say for housekeeping team is Thumbs up and keep it up! Being a new hotel, everything in there still looks very clean and of course, very new. My room was an Executive Deluxe with King size bed. Although the room was relatively small with not much walking space, it is comfortable enough for a short stay, especially for couples.
房間裡面很簡單乾淨,大床也很柔軟舒服。值得一提的是這裏的house keeping 服務真的一流啊!每個角落都乾乾淨淨的!因為鼻子敏感,所以稍微有一點點灰塵都可以讓我敏感一整天,可是來到這裏卻完全沒有這樣的問題。我們訂的房間是executive deluxe king,雖然房間不大,可以活動的空間不多,不過這對於情侶來說是非常足夠的了。

Room service menu is on the table.

We was quite impressed with the decor. Nice, stylish and simple. the bathroom has the glass-sliding-door version. Shower door is also glass. The wardrobe, safety box and hair dryer is inside the bathroom, but no toothbrushes and toothpaste provided.

I think it's a very nice hotel and definitely worth considering if you dont need to be right at the shopping belt or at the door steps of Jonker Street. Recommended~

There's a room tips for you guys: The skydeck on the rooftop  doubles as a pub on weekend nights, with live music being played. Needless to say, the higher your room is, the louder you will hear the music.
這裏有一個小小的提示給大家:如果大家想要有個好眠的話,就不要拿太高的房間。想知道,越高的房間就越接近eco skydeck 360,就會聽到越大聲的音樂。

Eco Tree Hotel Malacca
1, Jalan Melaka Raya 9,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephone:+606 - 292 1888
Fax:+606 - 281 9991

14 Jun 2014

Danok Waterview Restaurant @Danok, Thailand

Waterview Restaurant is one of the most visited restaurant in Danok. The restaurant is located quite outside from the main town. The road lead to there is very small, so my family bring me to there before sunset.
Waterview 餐廳是Danok其中一個很值得去嘗一嘗的地方。餐廳就坐落在從Kastam Bukit Kayu Hitam 進來泰國的右手處。途中去Waterview餐廳的路又小又狹,建議第一次去的朋友們最好在日落之前就去啊!

When we walk to out sitting place, I got so fascinate by this place love how the decoration in a tradisional concept: kampung style decoration by using the dry coconut leaved to build the rood, low table for us to sit and pillow to support us when we are lazy. Another one great thing about this place is we have a fantastic view by overlooking the lake and hills. We feel so relax even though that day was a hot day and we feel like we are in sauna. 
This shows how big is the restaurant and what I have been and what I have been told, if you do come during dinner or the night session, it would be even nicer as the whole restaurant is light up beautifully but will miss the scenery. I guess, we cannot take one stone kill two birds.
Dinner time, this place is usually very packed!

Besides that, the way they deliver the foods is quite interesting. They are using BOAT! Normally your dining table is beside the lake. After you order the foods, they will drive the boat and cross over the lake to your dining table. Then, a waiter or waitress will take the foods from the boat to you!

Their famous fried-pork

Crab in claypot with "dong fun"

There is an interesting question! A lot of people always ask me : Where is Danok?
Danok is located at South Thailand. Using North-South Highway, move to north until the end! Right after you pass Kastam Bukit Kayu Hitam to Thailand, the place is Danok. Malaysians need passport or boader pass in order to go to Thailand. 
Danok就在泰國南部,也就是每年舉辦泰國潑水節的地方。從Malaysia,通過Kastam Bukit Kayu Hitam的地方就是Danok了。馬來西亞公民需要Passport 或者是Border Pass才可以進入泰國。

If you still don't know, I think Google Maps can help you!
如果你還是不清楚那是什麼地方,或許Google Map可以幫到你 !

Waterview restaurant is a beautiful place to dine at, and you should come here when you are in Dannok for whatever reason it is.

Operation Hour: Lunch & Dinner only